A Trump Presidency a View From a Libertarian

As the news starts to sink in and it becomes a reality that the braggadocios egotistical guy from the Apprentice will be the 45th president of the United States of America. I wanted to let some time pass and the emotions to subside, let the safe-spacers in college campuses throughout  the country to get more comfortable with their cry-ins and their crayons and play dough as they adapt to the new circumstances. Other Liberals  need the time to vent and rant and rage and compare the new president to Hitler and call him a Fascist. Republicans needed a chance to spike the football and celebrate the fact that perhaps the worst presidential candidate and most progressive nominee since Woodrow Wilson has become president.

What does this really mean? If you ask a Republican, they believe that Trump is going to save America from becoming a third world nation, he’s going to bring jobs back and end bad trade deals and “Make America Great Again” If you ask a Liberal Democrat he is going to pass homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic legislation, he will cause the US to drive off the proverbial cliff while dictating like Hitler or Mussolini.
The actual truth is the most divisive President we have ever had will really make little to no difference. What can we expect from a Trump presidency? Probably what we got in an Obama presidency and  a Bush presidency. We will get out of control spending a booming national deficit, more global war and military bases throughout the world, more military spending. We will continue the war on drugs, and continue the military and prison industrial complex. We will probably turn back the clocks on the  war on drugs and pass even harsher  unconstitutional drug regulations. More unconstitutional executive orders, more shredding of the constitution and more failed  trillion dollar infrastructure plans.We will get more government spying and an invasion of our privacy. An economic crash of some sort and size will probably occur and when all else fails we will create more money out of thin air to make everything all better.
But, hey it’s not all bad right? Let’s be honest the US is the greatest country in the world with the greatest Constitution in existence and it can’t be taken down in four years by any man. It’s the right and responsibility of we the people to uphold and protect the  constitution. A trump presidency will garner in several new Supreme Court justices, most likely at least 3 new justices, although Trump’s strong dislike for other people’s private property will perhaps bring in Justices that will ignore property rights. There are some good things we can point too, perhaps if Trump is an honest man and I don’t know him to be that way but lets for the sake of this article take him at his word he says he will appoint judges that will protect the rights of gun owners and the rights of all people to protect their lives and freedom as they see fit. He has also promised  that he will appoint judges that will protect the lives of all people, especially those who haven’t been born yet. So these things are good and hey at least Hillary Clinton isn’t president.
If you ask a liberal Democrat they will tell you they Obama was a very good if not great president and Bush was a fascist Nazi dictator and if you ask a Neo-Con they will tell you the exact opposite. The truth is their administration nearly mirrored each other, the differences are so negligible they aren’t worth mentioning. This, however, is where we are as a country two sides who do the same thing, flinging everything in sight at each other. Honestly, this country is not divided enough, too much of the game is played between the 40-yard lines. We have this progressive government that ignores the Constitution but has this certain invisible line that won’t allow our country to go full on Norwegian socialist although we are getting close with the Bernie bros. The left right paradigm has  become irrelevant there is no longer a discernible  difference and the two new positions should be Libertarian vs Authoritarian pick a side individual liberty vs  State-wide collectivism. This ought to be the real debate and believe it or not, I understand liberty is actually losing but ending this silly left vs right thing and bringing out the real principals of liberty vs collectivism will bring the actual ideologies to the forefront and the horrible record and evils of collectivism to national attention.

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